Quick burst of wet snow possible Tuesday morning in D.C. area

The East Coast storm poised to paste the zone from main Pennsylvania to southern New England with heavy snowfall will produce mainly rain in the Washington area. However as it retreats Tuesday early morning, there are some signs we’ll see a short duration of damp snow or a rain-snow mix. And it might fall greatly for a brief time.

The snow might decrease presence and trigger a couple of slushy areas throughout the early morning commute, generally in chillier parts of the location.

Rain is anticipated to very first relocation in this night and might be heavy sometimes over night. Towards dawn, as the storm’s center passes to our east, it will draw down some cold air from the north and a shift from rain to a rain-snow mix and after that to snow is possible west of Interstate 95. Along and east of I-95, it’s doubtful whether it turns cold enough for a total changeover to snow, however some flakes might combine with the rain sometimes.

This has the appearance of an occasion in which snow opportunities increase as elevation increases the further west and north you go from downtown Washington.

Could the snow build up in our chillier locations? We can’t dismiss some slushy build-up. Although temperature levels must stay above freezing in many locations– being up to about 32 to 36 degrees– the snow might fall at a quickly adequate clip to bleach the ground and even cause a little bit of slush on the roadways for a short time.

Before any wintry rainfall, we might see around an inch of rain. Here’s a timeline of how we see the storm playing out:

4 to 8 p.m. Monday: Primarily light rain spreads over the location from southwest to northeast. Temperature levels: 41-45.

8 p.m. Monday to 5 a.m. Tuesday: Rain, moderate to heavy sometimes. Temperature levels falling under the upper 30s and low 40s.

5 to 9 a.m. Tuesday: Rain blends with and modifications to damp snow west of I-95. Rain starts to combine with damp snow along and east of I-95. Temperature levels being up to 32 to 36 in our chillier locations north and west of the Beltway and 35 to 39 somewhere else.

9 to 11 a.m. Tuesday: Wet snow west of I-95 slowly lessens. Rain-snow mix along and east of I-95. Temperature levels: 35 to 40.

11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Tuesday: Rainfall exits eastern locations. Temperature levels increasing to 40 to 45.

Just how much snow could fall and where?

With temperature levels usually above freezing, some or the majority of any snow that falls will melt on contact, specifically because ground temperature levels are moderate. Nevertheless, designs reveal the possibility of a burst of heavy snow which might quickly get rid of above-freezing temperature levels, permitting the ground to turn white. The opportunity of this occurring is greatest in normally chillier parts of the location such as western Fairfax, Loudoun, northern and western Montgomery, western Howard and southern Frederick counties (and to the north and west). These locations might see a finish to a fast inch, with a boom circumstance of a couple inches. Such a situation unfolded Dec. 11 with a comparable setup.

Inside the Beltway and to the east, a damp finish on the turf appears like the most that a person might anticipate.

Towards northern Maryland, from around Hagerstown to northern Baltimore County, a number of inches is probably however a boom circumstance might raise to 5 inches or two.

There’s likewise a bust circumstance– in which case it remains too warm for much snow anywhere other than near the Mason Dixon line and west of Interstate 81.

We believe the snowfall map from approximately computer system designs, revealed above, is a sensible basic price quote. The National Weather condition Service anticipated map, revealed listed below, is likewise constant with our thinking.

Due to the fact that this projection is so conscious little modifications in temperature levels, remain tuned to our PM Projection upgrade later on today as we fine-tune it.

Source: The Washington Post.


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